Pcura Contract Management tool

Contracts form the foundation of all business relationships. With growth in contract numbers, increasing complexity and ongoing need for amendments it becomes challenging to manage the valuable information in the contracts. Rather many organizations have no idea what contracts are currently signed, implemented, or up for renewal at their company.
Existing manual process of creating, maintaining and storing are protracted and inconsistent especially because contracts are scattered across hard drives or file cabinets. Also lack of controls, decentralized offices, and lack of resources all help to contribute to poor contract management. Any such inefficiency in managing contracts opens up avenues for supply risks and savings leakage. Also automatic renewals at non-competitive rates, the lack of control of contracts leads to maverick buying.
An automated contract management solution overcomes all such challenges and provides a single collaborative platform to manage end to end contract lifecycle. Contract management contributes significantly to a company‟s financial health and is viewed as a strategic weapon in optimizing contract performance and improving the return on investment.
With our Contract Management Services, Pcura will ensure you never miss a renewal date or a commitment level again. Our experienced team will be prepared to help you decide where to focus your negotiation efforts and/or when to find alternative vendors. When used in conjunction with our Spend Management / Analysis Services, we will even ensure you are getting billed at your contracted or not.
Pcura can help you implement your own Contract Management System the tools you need to manage your contracts, track expirations, and keep all of your contracts electronically in a single location and ensures that you never miss a renewal date with inbuilt automatic email notifications.

Pcura Contract Management Software provides following features:

• The ability to establish contract owners and contract's signature.
• The ability to add reviewers, such as managers or legal departments, who have read only access to all of the company's critical documents.
• The ability to create your own supplier database.
• The ability to upload a signed copy or original electronic copy of the document to a secure online repository for safe keeping.
• Management Dashboard to see important information like upcoming expiring or renewing contracts, the contract value, key terms & conditions   etc in your organization.
• The ability to track important pieces of information, such as:
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Contract Signed Date
  • Contract End Date
  • Renewal Terms
  • Contract Value
  • Penalties if any etc

Management solution can help your organization in :
Keeping the spend in compliance with contracted prices as well as terms and conditions To match actual spend and contract at metadata level to enable risk analysis and planning Monitoring supplier performance For better visibility on organization wide opportunities for strategic sourcing, compliance measurement and management Automated contract authoring with readymade templates Uniformity in all contracts to consistently reflect enterprise financial and legal standard terms, language, and priorities Organization wide access to contract data and documents without sacrificing security Making it easy to search contracts online and to extract the information one need from the contracts Mandatory audit trails and version controls around contract authoring and negotiation