Our People

Pcura team consists of people from diverse industry background having a broad range of skills-sets such as strong analytics, management consulting, IT Know-how, deep sourcing process & category know-how, effective team leadership, change management and Lean Six Sigma deployment. In short, our people are as diverse as they are like minded, which makes a very powerful combination, and ensures that results are delivered quickly and effectively .

 Our success is based entirely on the caliber of our people. Our Team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds such as procurement roles (procurement and supply chain experts), management consultants, accountants and IT experts with experience gained at blue-chip companies. Our people possess a track record of success with most of the leading global consulting, manufacturing, engineering or consulting firms, excellent educational backgrounds and a burning desire to get things done.

Our team members possess excellent understanding of cost optimization techniques as well as highly developed analytical, strategic and change management skills. We understand we cannot add value to our clients if we do not provide best of breed technology and people. In order to provide world class procurement services, we continuously invest in training and development of our people with the technical and soft skills development programs to ensure they remain the best.